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Pimples Herbal Remedies, Effective Natural Acne Cure Treatment

Pimples appear as small red pustules on the faces in most of the individuals in the adolescent stage. The hormonal imbalance after attaining puberty is responsible for the outbreak of pimples.
The pores of the sebaceous glands get clogged and bacterial infection results in the formation of these red bumps. Most of the pimples are filled with pus, and one should strictly avoid squeezing the pimples to prevent scars.Pimples Herbal RemediesPimples do not create any serious health hazards, and it is totally a cosmetic concern. Severe outbreaks of pimples leave deep scar marks or freckles on the face that lowers the self-esteem of an individual to a great extent. Treatment of pimples does not require any serious medical consultations, so many get rid of this problem through simple natural remedies.


1. A number of pus filled pustules or red bumps appear on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders.

2. The sizes of these pustules vary from that of a pin head to the size of a pea.

3. There may be a painful feeling depending on the nature of the bacterial infection.

Common causes of pimples are

1. Clogging of the pores of the overactive sebaceous glands

2. Hormonal fluctuations in adolescent stages and menstrual cycles lead to the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands

3. Certain medications

4. Mental stress

5. Excess washing and scrubbing of the face.

Natural remedies for pimples:

1. Application of a mixture of three tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and leaving it overnight helps in reducing the pimples.

2. Mix lemon juice and rose water in equal amounts and apply on the affected areas. Keep it for half an hour. Following this treatment 2 to 3 days a week will give you the best result for herbal acne treatment.

3. A mixture of lemon juice and sandalwood powder is also effective in reducing the pimples to a great extent.

4. A mixture of lemon juice and groundnut oil or a mixture of lemon juice and cinnamon powder are also effective in reducing the pimples.

5. Prepare a mask from grated apple and honey and apply on the face. This is one of the effective natural remedies to treat pimples.

6. Applying pulp of red tomatoes or cucumber also helps in reducing pimples to a great extent.

7. Taking raw garlic internally or the application of garlic juice on the affected areas is equally beneficial in treating pimples.

8. Make a paste of margosa leaves and turmeric and apply on the affected areas. This herbal treatment should be carried out regularly to reduce the pimples.

9. You can also take Golden Glow capsule which is an effective herbal remedy for acne and pimple. Regular use of these natural skin whitening pills not only helps in getting rid of acne but also improves skin complexion and natural glow.


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