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Best Herbal Eye Remedies To Improve Weak Eyesight Problems

Eyes are perhaps the most precious organ of ours. We can see this colorful world and appreciate its beauty only because we have vision. Weakening of eyesight is a pathetic problem.
Normally eyes weaken with age but there are several other factors and conditions that can weaken your eyesight. For example, overexposure to sunlight, excessive fatigue, intake of medications for hypertension, tuberculosis, malaria etc can lead to weakening of eyes. The eye-related conditions resulting in weakened eyesight are cataract, glaucoma, presbyopia, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, optic neuritis, eye infection etc. Stroke, migraine headaches, brain tumor can also cause problems with vision.Improve Weak Eyesight ProblemsA person with weak eyesight will have problem in visualizing distant objects or small objects. The other symptoms of weak eyesight are blurring of visions, seeing halos, floaters, light sensitivity, light flashes or blind spots, poor nighttime vision, frequent headache and so on.

Herbal eye remedies:

1. Bilberry is a wonder herb for improving weak eyesight. It is very effective herbal treatment for weak eyesight for improving night vision. It contains flavonoid that checks retinal damage and capillary fragility.

2. Ginkgo biloba triggers blood flow to the retina and averts retinal deterioration. In that way it checks the weakening of eyesight.

3. Passion flower is a herb very effective for eyes exposed to continual strain. It relaxes the fine blood vessels within the eyes and leaves a soothing impact.

4. For treating an infected or inflamed eye you can use herbs like goldenseal or eye bright. Eye washes made from these herbs are quite beneficial.

5. Grind dried chicory root to make a powder. Mix half teaspoon of the powder with half teaspoon honey and half teaspoon cow milk butter. Consume this paste once or twice with milk. This is an effective herbal remedy for weak eyesight.

6. Drink a cup of wild rose tea everyday. The high amounts of Vitamin C, A, P, B1 and B2 in wild rose helps to maintain eye muscle elasticity.

7. Green spinach has a perfect blend of eye nourishing vitamins. Therefore it is a good herbal cure for weak eyesight.

8. The herb hawthorn is rich in flavonoid and carotenoid. It improves blood circulation within the eyes and lowers the risk of nearsightedness.

9. Mingle rose water and potash alum to make an effective eye wash or eye drop.

10. Mix 3 teaspoon Aloe juice with half teaspoon clove oil, add 4 oz water to it and take the mixture in the morning on empty stomach. This will improve your eyesight.

11. I-Lite capsules are the best herbal eye remedies that improve weak eyesight problem in effective manner. These herbal capsules are also capable to resolve problems like redness, kinky, tiredness and heaviness in eyes naturally. One regular use these eye vision supplements provide maximum health benefits without any harmful effect on eyes or body.

So these are some of the wonderful herbal eye remedies to improve weak eyesight problem in natural manner that can be used without any worry.


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