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Natural Pain Relieving Herbs And Remedies That You Should Know

Pain is a common complaint for most people these days. Pain can be sharp, dull, mild or severe. Depending upon the nature of pain, pain treatments are applied. To live with pain is near to curse for many people.
Pain can be so debilitating that it may interfere with day to day activities of life. In that way pain may deteriorate the quality of life one is leading. People who suffer from pain start missing the joy and peace of life. Pain may be categorized in to two broad types: Nociceptive pain and Non-Nociceptive pain. Nociceptive pain occurs when damaged cells of the body respond to specific pain receptors such as vibration, stretching, heat, cold or chemical stimuli. Non-Nociceptive pain springs from the central and peripheral nervous system. Many people try pain killers to abate pain. But these are full of side-effects. So it is best to rely on pain relieving herbs and natural remedies to alleviate pain.Pain relieving herbs and natural remedies:

Natural Pain Relieving Supplements1. Apply 20-30 drops of Willow bark tincture on the painful area to get relief from pain and inflammation.

2. Combine St John’s Wort oil and lavender essential oil in equal parts and massage on the area that aches. This is an excellent pain relief herbal treatment for arthritis.

3. The herb Angelica is rich in pain relieving constituents. You can use this wonder herb to ease your pain.

4. Prepare ginger syrup and take sips at regular intervals. Also application of warm ginger poultice on the painful area yields beneficial results.

5. The bark of willow, birch and wintergreen are rich in a pain relieving agent called salicylates which can relieve all sorts of aches and pains.

6. Boswellia is an essential herb that can effectively soothe pain especially the ones from sports injuries.

7. Meadowsweet, an herb rich in aspirin-like chemicals can ease pain quite efficiently.

8. The herb Devil’s Claw contains pain relieving active ingredients like harpagoside and harpasgide. This herb can be used as an effective pain relief natural remedy.

9. The feverfew herb reduces the levels of the pain causing prostaglandins and thereby alleviates pain.

10. Camphor is an effective herbal treatment for joint pain. It supplies heat to the affected region and eases pain.

11. Oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and spearmint can serve as good pain relievers if massaged on the painful area.

12. Cayenne contains an active ingredient capsaicin that can lessen pains and aches amazingly.

13. Along with these beneficial pain relieving herbs and remedies one can use Rumatone Gold capsules and oil. These natural remedies are very useful to decrease the arthritis, bone weakness, stiffness and joint pain. This combination of capsule and oil is a robust composition of ingredients that can improve the flexibility of joints and strengthen them. These natural remedies are available at reputed online herbal stores, so one can buy them easily from its websites.


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