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Obesity, which means plumpness and fatness, is a major problem in the society right now. Throughout the world a large mass of people is affected by excess body fat. Almost 300 million people are obese globally.
Overweight is another major complication faced by a section of people. More than 1 billion people on this earth are overweight. In United States every 1 out of 4 people suffers from cholesterol due to increase in weight. Lose Excess Body FatThe cause of the steadily increasing rate of obesity is consumption of foods that have dense energy levels and are high on sugar and saturated fats. They also potentially reduce the amount of activities performed daily. So obesity and overweight are no longer cosmetic problems. They give rise to a lot of complications and health problem and therefore on need to pay attention in order to lose excess body fat. With the help of herbal weight loss remedies, one can gt rid of obesity in natural manner. They can pose real threat for chronic diseases. They can also cause type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardio vascular diseases, hypertension and even some sorts of cancer too.

Discussing the subject of obesity and overweight will help you comprehend it easily. Our body needs fuel to perform our daily activities, fuel in form of calories. Calorie is nothing but the unit of measuring energy content of a food. Now eating too much of these calories without doing sufficient exercise to use excess body fat leads to excess body fat. Obesity and overweight can cause high blood pressure, Osteoarthritis, coronary artery disease, gallstone, insulin resistance, gout, sleep apnea, colon cancer, liver diseases due to fatty alcoholic fats etc. Discussing these diseases and their relations with obesity and overweight will help in better understanding. To lose excess body fat in natural manner one can use Figura natural fat loss pills which provide effective herbal weight loss remedies.

Obesity causes fat to deposit on the fatty tissues which in turn increase their demand of nutrients and oxygen which in turn increases the amount of blood circulating throughout the body. This increased amount of blood increases the pressure on the walls causing high blood pressure. Blood sugar increases due to obesity. This is because the insulin that regulates the sugar level in blood does not get entry due to the body fat, hence becomes insulin resistant. When HDL and LDL in cholesterol get deposited on the blood vessel walls they narrow down and decrease the flow of blood. Hence they cause atherosclerosis that increase chances of stroke and heart attacks. Atherosclerosis also can cause paralysis.

Osteoarthritis is also caused by obesity that increase weight and pressure on the joint making them weak. Gout, another form of arthritis is also cause by obesity. Since obesity increases the production of uric acid in the body it gives rise to gout. Other diseases are also caused by the similar conditions associated by fat deposition on the body. In such cases anti obesity products are very useful. Figura capsules, which provide effective weight loss remedies, increases the effect of diet and exercise which one is already doing to lose excess body fat. Powerful action of these supplements increase metabolic rate in body which increases speed of utilization of fat accumulated in body.


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