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Herbal Remedies For Diabetes To Control Blood Sugar Level

Hyperglycemia is a condition when higher amount of glucose than normal is present in the blood regularly for a longer period. In a healthy person 80 mg/dl to 110 mg/dl of sugar in blood is considered as normal where 80 mg/dl is optimal.
Level higher than 126 mg/dl is hazardous to health and can damage blood vessels and other organs of the body. Person consistently having blood sugar levels ranging between 100 to 126 mg/dl is classified as hyperglycemic and person having blood sugar level reading more than 126 mg/dl consistently is treated as diabetic. Body gets glucose or sugar from the food we eat, this sugar during digestion is supplemented to blood.Control Blood Sugar LevelInsulin hormone produced by pancreas transfer sugar or glucose from blood to cells where it is burned to produce energy. When insulin is produced in lesser quantity which is unable to metabolize sugar in blood completely it causes diabetes. In another condition when body produces insulin but it can not be used for sugar metabolism due to insulin resistant cells in liver, fat and muscles also causes high blood sugar. Hyperglycemia is a dangerous condition and can be hazardous to overall health hence shall not be ignored. Herbal remedies for diabetes are effective enough to control blood sugar level naturally.

Diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2 are primary causes of chronic high blood sugar level. Diabetes mellitus type 1 occurs due to lesser or lack of insulin secretion in the body whereas diabetes mellitus type 2 occurs due to insulin-resistant cells in liver, fat and muscles. Due to these conditions sugar cannot be metabolized and utilized for energy production which causes higher level of sugar in blood. Herbal remedies for diabetes are suitable to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes Apart from these conditions certain type of medications like corticosteroid, niacin, beta-blockers, epinephrine, octerotide, thiazide diuretics, pentamidine and certain types of anti-psychotic agents can also raise sugar level in blood to cause diabetes.

Critical illnesses like stroke can also cause hyperglycemia in absence of diabetes. Classic symptoms of chronic high blood sugar are frequent hunger, thirst and urination, hunger is frequent and pronounced and thirst is excessive. Apart from these, blurred vision, poor healing of wounds, fatigue, weight loss, dry mouth, itchy skin, cardiac arrhythmia, erectile dysfunction, tingling in feet and recurring infections are also symptoms of diabetes.

High blood sugar can be treated effectively and safely by using diabetes herbal remedy, Diabkil capsules provide all the effective herbs in their purest form and right doses to control blood sugar level. These capsules contain herbs which enhance body’s capacity to utilize blood glucose for producing energy and also contain herbs which increase production of insulin in the body by regenerating beta cells in pancreas. Both these benefits promote healthy sugar metabolism and control blood sugar level. These capsules contain active ingredients to slow down absorption of glucose in the blood during digestion to prevent blood glucose levels from shooting-up.

Diabkil capsules also maintain healthy kidney and liver functions and protect other organs of the body from ill-effects of high blood sugar. These herbal treatment for diabetes keep a person energetic and active and also keep heart healthy by maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. Due to herbal composition these capsules are safe and these herbal remedies for diabetes are suitable for person of any age and do not cast any side effect even after prolonged use.


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