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Obesity is the accumulation of excessive body fat. When the body burns fewer calories as compared to its intake then it leads to obesity. Obesity is calculated in terms of Body Mass Index (BMI).
A person with BMI over 30 is considered to be obese. Some of the common causes for obesity are genetics, race, age, overeating, lack of physical activity, thyroid or pituitary gland disorders, hormonal imbalance, etc. Obesity if not controlled at an early stage can lead to serious health hazards like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, heart failure and stroke. There are many herbal weight loss pills available in the market which can help to reduce weight in natural and healthy manner. In the following section you will find many useful tips to become slim fast.Natural remedies for obesity:

Become Slim Fast

1. Intake of herbs like gotu kola, amalaki, and shilajit in powder or capsule form is an effective natural remedy to reduce weight.
2. Mix ginger and honey with 1tsp of guggul and take it 2-3 times daily to deal with problem of obesity. This is an effective way to burn fat in body.
3. Prepare a mixture of herbal ingredients adding chitrak, kukti, and trikatu in equal parts. Consume half tsp of this mixture daily with warm water. This is an effective natural remedy to get rid of obesity.
4. Include foods like ginger, papaya, mango, pineapple and bitter melons which improve digestive functioning.
5. Fasting one day a week or taking only liquid diet comprising of fruit or vegetable juices, warm skim milk, light soups and teas is a great measure. You can also try out anti obesity products.
6. Add to cooking generous amounts of cumin, ginger, mustard seed, cayenne, and black pepper.
7. Daily exercise in combination with yoga, meditation, and pranayama is an effective remedy of losing excess weight and reduce stress.
8. Avoid carbohydrate rich foods like rice and potatoes. Include lots of salads to your diet. Avoid foods like – cheese, butter, ghee, chocolates, sweets, creamy desserts, soft drinks, junk foods since these are high on fats and calories.
9. Sipping green tea prepared from dandelion root is also one of the effective obesity natural remedies.
10. Reduce the intake of salt in your diet.
11. Drinking a glassful of boiled water after each meal is effective remedy
12. Triphala is a herbal mix of amalaki, bibbitaki, and haritaki is an effective obesity natural remedies.

Use Figura capsules which are powerful herbal weight loss pills. These supplements increase energy production in body to increase utilization of excess fat accumulated in body. These natural fat loss pills are herbal and therefore they will not give you results over night.

Regular use of these supplements reduces weight within few months. These supplements contain formula which improves body function to reduce body weight. These herbal weight loss pills are widely used all over the world. There are no side effects of these capsules like other medications. After using these pills you will not need any other treatment to get rid of the excess weight. Start using Figura capsules to become slim fast and naturally.


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