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Natural Cure For Piles To Get Rid Of Painful Bowel Movements

Hemorrhoids are the swollen and enlarged veins which occur in and out around the anus area. This can be internal and external in nature. Most of the times, external hemorrhoids are painful. Internal hemorrhoids are not painful like the external ones. They can range from swelling to large sized.

They may be sagging thing that sticks out. It is reported that the internal hemorrhoids may cause bleeding that are painless. Sometimes you find the blood covered with the stool. It is necessary to contact the doctor immediately. Some of the other symptoms of hemorrhoids include itching, burning sensation, red blood on the toilet paper or stool, pain and soft tissue coming out of the anus.Natural Cure For PilesSeveral factors contribute to the swelling and inflammation of the veins and blood vessels that leading to the formation of hemorrhoids. But the exact causes of the hemorrhoids are still unknown. It is reported that increased blood pressure is thought to play a major role in causing hemorrhoids. Most of the researchers have shown that old age, diarrhea and prolonged constipation are several other attributes of hemorrhoids. It is also reported that women may suffer from this problem during pregnancy as the pressure is increased in the lower abdomen of the body and strain the bowel movements. Most of the people do not know that there are herbal hemorrhoids treatment that help to get rid of painful bowel movements in an easy manner.

You need to sit on the tub filled with warm water which will help the sphincter muscle to relax. This will ease out the pain and it is advisable not to add anything to the water. You can repeat this for 4-5 days for 15 minutes. The sitz baths are always a great natural cure for piles. Apart from this petroleum jelly or zinc oxide can be used in the affected area. This will reduce the swelling and pain. You need to take cotton on the ball and dab it into the petroleum jelly and apply over the affected area. This will reduce the pain. The affected area will be clean and dry. You should a; ways use toilet paper and soap paper to keep it clean. It is reported that Psyllium seeds are rich in fiber and provide a good natural cure for hemorrhoids. This helps to get rid of painful bowel movements and prevents constipation. Psyllium seeds are easily available in all the stores. You can take the seeds with 8-10 glasses of water daily. The results can be seen after a week.

Out of all the herbal remedies for hemorrhoids, Pilesgon capsules are the best natural cure for piles. These bleeding piles natural treatment contain ingredients like Mesua Ferrea, Acacia Catechu, etc. These ingredients soothe the inflamed veins in the anus and this helps to get rid of painful bowel movements. It also prevents bleeding, the common symptom of hemorrhoid. The capsules are free from artificial preservatives, colorants, chemicals, fillers and several other things. It is advisable to take 2 capsules daily for 2-3 months to get better results. This natural cure for piles also prevent constipation and reduce the chances of hemorrhoids in future.


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